Well, I was quite surprised that the folks over at TechCrunch today took some interesting data from AdMob and blew it up into something it clearly is not! In the post “Apple and Android Now Make Up 75 Percent of U.S. Smartphone Web Traffic” TechCrunch makes leaves one important word out of the headline— “Ad” and gives the totally wrong assumption that the AdMob data covers all mobile traffic! They go on to say that RIM, Palm, Microsoft and Nokia are all losing lots of share in the US and globally. Comments on the site show that people are taking this data the wrong way based on the headline and the the way the post is written, thinking that the game is over for the other device vendors. Only a few people commenting on the site have realized the error.

So I need to point this out to the folks over at TechCrunch and others:

Share of Mobile Ad Requests/Impressions/Clicks


Share of Mobile Web Traffic

(ad traffic, browser traffic, media consumption over browsers, downloads, etc.)

Share of Mobile Ad Requests/Impressions/Clicks


Share of Mobile Device Shipments/Sales or Installed Base

With over 15 years experience in mobile, media, and market research I don’t have much tolerance for sites that twist data analytics, blow it out of proportion, and create misleading headlines to drive readership. I’m a regular TechCrunch reader, love their posts, and I’m frankly surprised that some editor over there didn’t check this out! Their headline is pretty viral in the blogosphere today. I also have a lot of respect for the folks over at AdMob and their great data. If you read the last page of their report, they clearly state what they track and what their methodology is!

I’ve attached AdMob’s last page below and their full report is in my Box.net box since they publicly posted it.

It’s interesting data as far as the current direction of mobile ad traffic in October. But that is all it is, ad traffic! And it’s backwards looking, which is what analytics is too!

Source: AdMob

-Randy Giusto