I had the pleasure of talking to Leo Linder the other day, partner at social media monitoring firm SocialScape. The firm has been around about two years and is spread out between Rochester, New York, New York City, and Bellevue, Washington. Rochester is where much of the print production work was first done, while New York is where much of the creative and analytics work happens. Bellevue serves as a location close to key clients up and down the West Coast, spanning across several industries.

SocialScape differentiates itself from other social media monitoring solutions such as Radian 6 and SM2 by offering services as well as a software platform. It views itself as a social media intelligence platform and monitoring stack with social services intertwined into the mix. SocialSpace is an author-centric platform while the other brands are comment-centric(note: Radian 6 is bringing author-centric capabilities to it’s platform).

Linder stated that in some ways SocialScape swims downstream from bigger established brands such as Symfony and BuzzMetrics while being upstream from Radian 6 and SM2. Year one the company focus on some significant major brands that it landed, and last year was spent rounding out the client portfolio to be more diversified across many brand and market segments.

By being author-centric, Linder feels that SocialScapes unique IP allows them to holistically track authors, their comments, and the sites they have presence on, deriving the total “social CRM” picture. The platform has the ability to perform free-form analytic and extract demographic data. Linder has been transforming the company from a pure social media Analytics tool into a consultancy practice offering value added services for it’s clients, by offering community monitoring and data mining services.

Linder stated that the company’s focus going forward is to keep differentiating it’s client base, which is occurring organically, and study how then product is being consumed and offer new customization features. Mobile is clearly on the radar due to the growth of social media interaction that is occurring across multiple mobile platforms today, and that capturing two-way communications and the Analytics associated with it is key.

SocialScape has an interesting value proposition and it may be an Analytics tool I may recommend based on it’s flexibility, as I come across brands and startup brands looking for both Web and mobile-based Analytics solutions.

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– Randy Giusto