Motally dashboard

Source: Motally, 2010

Nokia has announced that it’s buying San Franciso-based mobile analytics firm Motally, expecting to close the deal sometime in Q3 of this year. Earlier this year, the mobile analytics firm brought in former Nielsen VP John Forese as CEO. The company focuses on mobile website analytics supporting iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, and Android platforms. Nokia plans to adapt Motally’s APIs for Symbian, Meego, Qt, and Java, although I think the main focus will be Symbian and Meego, which represent both Nokia’s past (installed base) and its future.

Motally last March rolled out 2-way communications for iPhone app analytics, allowing developers to make settings changes automatically without resubmitting their apps to Apple’s app store for re-approval. Apple could step in and close this window down the road now that Motally will be in Nokia’s hands. The company also has this capability for BlackBerry and Android app analytics. But with RIM potentially eyeing Millennial Media, they could also restrict API capabilities.

With this acquisition, all the major mobile OS platform players have now acquired a mobile analytics firm, leaving scraps for the remaining players.

– Randy Giusto