Here are my top five picks for the “Best iPad Music Apps for 2010.” I reviewed a ton of iPad apps in 2010 as an evangelist for a social site for mobile apps. I’ve shared “my 20 lists” over on Appolicious this week and I’ll be highlight just a few of those lists here over the next few days.

First off- these are apps I personally downloaded off the App Store to my personal iPad and spent my personal time to review. I tend to pick apps that have not been reviewed before on Appolicious, or may have received only 1 or 2 reviews if any. I don’t particularly read the reviews on the App Store before downloading them. This way I try not to influence my review, since I’m performing a task for Appolicious. And I pick apps randomly across several categories, download them in iTunes, sync them to my iPad. Many many times I don’t get around to reviewing a particular app until several days later.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These are “my best picks” of the limited universe of apps in that particular category that I got around to reviewing this past year. I’m sharing it with you as a form of serendipity. Again, you probably have your own opinions on what were the some of the best iPad music apps out there in 2010. I’m sure some are blockbusters that I got to too late and chose not to review. Again, my focus and modus operandi is to grab apps soon after their release in order to review them in the next week or so.

So of the iPad-based music apps that I reviewed on Appolicious in 2010, these are my personal favorites. Nothing more.

So in reverse order…


#5. Spark Radio Lite

by Handcrest Media Labs FREE

“I like Spark Radio Lite- and I don’t typically say that about most of the online radio apps in the app store. They do try to get you to the Pro version though with a lot of features marked “Pro.” But you do get to mark favorites, browse by genre, and visualizations are built into the free version. I just wonder how long these “skin-based” apps will survive with the popularity of Pandora and others on multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, connected TVs and Blu-ray players, Roku, Boxee Box, and Apple TV)?”

Spark Radio Lite is the best free online radio skin I’ve seen so far. If you know of others, please let me know.

best music apps for iPad 2010 SparkRadio Lite


#4. BaDaBing

by Logic Consulting LLC FREE

“I agree with others, this is one of the best, if not THE best percussion apps on the app store. Zero latency means the sound hits your ears as you tap on the drums or cymbals. Bonus bongos too!”

best music apps for iPad 2010 BaDaBing


#3. AlbumWall

by Shun Yao for $0.99

“This is by far the best app to display your music collection, and use as a music player on the iPad. Grabs all the album covers from your collection and then turns them in a large grid. Cool concept!”

I continue to use AlbumWall on a regular basis. It makes a great screen saver as well. Hopefully they will add more features over time, like more shuffle features, and background information on the bands and artists themselves.

best music apps for iPad 2010 AlbumWall


#2. Reactable Mobile

by Reactible SL for $9.99

“Reactable mobile allows you to Improvise and create music based on the instrument design used used by Björk on her Volta Tour. Spin, strum, change instruments, pitch, percussion sounds and more on a truly creative app from an interactive instrument that was once only on stage, and is now in your hands!”

This one was really, really close, and at times I really had Reactable Mobile as my number one pick. But the decision came down to not only which app I enjoyed the most but also used the most? And Reactable Mobile lost the race by a hair. It’s still an amazingly creative app, and wows everyone I show it to on my iPad.

best music apps for iPad 2010 Reactable Mobile


#1. Aweditorium

by Sixtyone FREE

“Aweditorium is one of those very special iPad apps. Next to Flipboard it’s one of the best iPad apps of 2010. An amazing assortment of independent artists, a really unique interface, share your recommendations, save them, discover new music! A true aural and visual experience. Requires iOS 4.2 to run”

When I saw this app come out I immediately wanted it. But it came out on iOS 4.2 and on that day, the iPad had not yet gotten that OS update. So impatiently waited a week for it, and don’t regret the wake. It is a great way to find, recognize and appreciate underground music talent, and is my #1 pick for best music app for iPad in 201, based on the 15 or so I reviewed during the year.

best music apps for iPad 2010 Aweditorium

– Randy Giusto