Here are my picks for the “Best iPad Games for 2010.” I reviewed a ton of iPad apps in 2010 as an evangelist for a social site for iOS and Android apps. I will be sharing my Best of 2010 lists on Appolicious as well as here over the next few days.

These are apps I personally downloaded off the App Store to my personal iPad and spent the time to review. I tend to pick apps that have not been reviewed before on Appolicious, or may have received only 1 or 2 reviews if any. I don’t particularly read the reviews on the App Store before downloading, not to influence my review, since I’m performing a task for Appolicious. And I pick apps randomly across several categories, download them in iTunes, sync then to my iPad and many times I don’t get around to reviewing a particular app until several days later.

I’m sure you may have your own opinions on what were the some of the best iPad games of 2010, and they may include apps that were reviewed by many people. Again, my focus and modus operandi is to grab apps soon after their release in order to review them in the next week or so. Therefore, you may not see the blockbusters here, since I couldn’t get to them in time. But of the games I reviewed for iPad in 2010, these are my personal favorites.

So without further delay, here are my top 10 picks for the “Best iPad Games of 2010” that I have personally reviewed, in reverse order, with my original reviews and further commentary.


#10. Battlebears -1

by SkyVu Pictures for $0.99

“Battle Bears-1 is a blast to play. Blast the pink bunnies with every modicum of weapon- shotgun, slatted gun, rocket launcher, as you navigate the maze. Controls are a bit sensitive for moving otherwise I would have given it a 5 rating.”

Battlebears best iPad games of 2010


#9. SimCity Deluxe for iPad

by EA for $$0.99 (reduced price)

“”Nice interpretation of Sim City, feels like Sim City 4 with the multi layer effects including underground pipes. Get ready to watch the hours fly by!”

I’ve been a huge SimCity and Wil Wright fan since SimCity first came out on 3.5″ diskette! And I bought every issue since although did not find the time to get into the Simms. I even played SimEarth and SimAnt, just to show you my loyalty. That said, SimCity Deluxe for iPad is a nice rendition for iPad, but i will want more, and soon…

SimCity Deluxe for iPad best iPad games of 2010


#8. Cupcakes! XL

by Maverick Software LLC for $0.99

“Kids will love this great game where you create, decorate, and then eat multiple cupcakes. Hours of fun!”

The week I got my iPad my daughter begged me to get this game. Seems like some of her friends were already playing it. Let;s just say I lost the use of my iPad for a while. It’s a game that both kids and parents enjoy playing.

Cupcakes XL for iPad best iPad games for 2010

top 10 iPad games for 2010

#7. Blue Defense: Second Wave

by Cat in a Box Games for $1.99

“Blue Defense: Second Wave is an awesome game with multiple levels, multiple gameplay lengths, and great animation and audio. Saving the planet is your focus, fighting a variety of enemies. Fast paced fun, nice interplay with multiple-touch capabilities. Addictive, immersive, and fun.”

It’s a really cool game, nice design, for adults and teens as well.

Blue Defense: Second Wave best iPad games of 2010


#6. Gas Tycoon 2 HD

by LEMICO Soft for $0.99

“Loads of fun with this app! I bought it after I ran through the free app. The only annoying thing is the Christmas tune that keepsnplaying in my head after playing Gas Tycoon’s winter map. The Oil Tycoon screen is great too but not nearly as challenging as the Gas Tycoon screens. For 99 cents, this is loads of fun. The kids fight over this game- that’s a winner in my house!”

I reviewed this one earlier in 22010 and still find myself playing it form time to time, as well as the other clones they’ve developed.

Gas Tycoon 2 HD best iPad games for 2010


#5. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2: Beyond the Horizon HD

by G5 Entertainment for $6.99

“The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2: Beyond the Horizon HD is a very imaginative world with beautiful illustrations, engaging story that pulls you into the storyline. Enjoyable, great graphics and looks wonderful on iPad.”

This one was a hit during Christmastime in my household.

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2: Beyond the Horizon best iPad games 2010


#4. The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2

by Lana Sultan for $3.99

“The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy is a great ebook. An amazing amount of thought and work went into this story and it’s a real joy to read. A clear focus on the many causes that this story promotes is the main draw here. Simply a joy to read!”

OK, yes, this is an ebook, but since I don’t have a separate category for ebook for this year, and younger children may think it’s a game. I just had to include Eco Boy. This continuing storyline was also a huge hit across the family during November and December. Looking forward to new chapters ahead!

The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2 best iPad games 2010


#3. Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad

by EA Sports for $0.99 (reduced price)

“It’s just pure joy playing this on iPad.”

Let’s just say that there is more fighting going over my iPad now then there ever was before, thanks to EA’s titles above!

Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad best games for iPad 2010


#2. Strategery

by Affogato LLC for $1.99

“This game rocks, hands down! Totally addictive too!”

This game won for best strategy game at Macworld 2009. It is the one I find myself playing late at night, when my wife rolls over and yells at me to turn off the iPad and go to sleep!

Strategery best iPad games for 2010


#1. Angry Birds

by Rovio and distributed by Chillingo for $0.99 (reduced price)

“A huge success on multiple platforms but especially engaging on the iPad.”

I must admit, I was an early fan and I have the seasonal versions as well. I met Mikael Hed several times at Harvard and MIT events here in Boston. It’s nice to see someone who has tried for so many years, and put out many, many titles, finally have that one big huge hit that pays for all the sweat equity on all the games that Rovi did before it.

top 10 iPad games for 2010

As you can see, my list is made up from a wide range of gaming categories- strategy, simulation, arcade, FPS, sports, FRP, and children and young adult, that shows the scope of my game reviews and types of gameplay in my household.

– Randy Giusto