If you are a marketing or social media professional, there’s a unique online one hour conference coming up with a host of digital influencers on July 6th with 60 speakers in 60 minutes. Hosted by ThoughtLead and sponsored by Hubspot, this event presents the latest marketing insight today about being a digital influencer for your brand.

You can go to http://influencerproject.com to get details and sign up for the access code.

It’s an interesting concept to have this many speakers prepped for a short period of time individually, and to see if collectively there will be the wisdom of the many, and an overall message. Thanks to Steve Haase @stevehaase at ThoughtLead for the heads up on this event!

Speakers Include:

And one spot is open to be filled via their tweet contest!

ThoughLead has organized this list of speakers to address:

  • How can you make sure that your business and brand stand out in the complex and competitive world of online media?
  • What are the critical tactics and strategies you need to be implementing online right now in order to attract more customers and earn greater trust with prospects?
  • How to discover and cultivate a tribe of like-minded individuals who support your work and increase your circle of influence…
  • What hasn’t changed about business for over 300 years, that continues to make or break companies online…
  • One of the most common mistakes nearly every business makes that strips them of their power to connect more deeply with their constituents and prospects…
  • And much more…

Definitely check it out!

– Randy Giusto