On Thursday, Twitter introduced its new video sharing service called Vine that is supposed to be the Instagram of videos. However, keeping to true brevity like Twitter does with its 140-character limit, Vine limits you to 6 seconds of video. Yes, I said SIX seconds. Of course, you can loop it. Vine is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch and is free in the App Store.

Vine really pushes people to be creative, because that 6-second wall is pretty limiting.

Twitter acquired Vine last fall and is its first foray into video. Yes, there are video recording apps out there like Tout and Viddy that give you more time but they don’t have access to 140 million users.

Video is booming and it’s a wise foray for Twitter. According to comScore, last October, more than 37 billion online videos were viewed in the US, with 35% of those on YouTube. Now Vine is no YouTube. But how many times have you wasted precious time sifting through a YouTube video trying to get to the piece that matters?

With Vine, you can shoot the piece that maters the most. Or Vine could also result in useless videos. Noise in the content space is inevitable no matter how long or how short the production time is. So expect a lot of noise on Vine too, just like on Twitter. I’m waiting for the first “someone shot this video of you, LOL!” spam on Vine.

But what creative things can you do on Vine, both from a personal as well as a business perspective? Here’s some ideas on how to go viral with Vine.

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Let’s Get Personal

Well, on the personal side there is a lot. You’ve obviously seen the Samsung Galaxy S III Work Trip commercial where the wife touches her Galaxy S to her husband’s as he leaves for a trip and says “I also made you video!” Imagine parsing that down to 6-second clips sent out over time until he comes home?  Relax, you can make Vine clips private.

What else can you do?

You could make videos of your most treasured possessions for insurance purposes.

How about 6-second video-based holiday greeting cards? One for each kid in your house.

Record a brief video of your fender bender damage.

A Vine video of each present received at a birthday party with a personal thank you from the recipient back to the person giving the gift, especially if they couldn’t be present at the party.

The Business of Vine

On the business side Vine could be a great tool for creative agencies. Think quick teaser flashes of a new product or service. What if Apple strategically dropped individual Vine videos over the course of a week leading up to a launch? Can you imagine how much press coverage they could tie up?

How about quick teaser videos spread out over a couple of weeks surrounding a new branding campaign?

A carmaker could introduce a new model one cool feature at a time, leading up to a longer video on its own website at launch.

How about quick vignettes of customers or customer testimonials? At 6 seconds you’d have to be concise and impactful.

For upcoming movies, 6 second snippets of the film (think of the action scenes) or 6 second teasers leading you to the trailer on another site.

Apply the same kind of thinking to releasing new video game titles — console, PC, or mobile.

It could be a quick way for teachers to remind students about an upcoming test with 6 seconds to list the key areas of the curriculum that it’s focused on. That beats the boring UI of SchoolLoop!

How about a series of Vine videos promoting a band’s upcoming album or tour, or tour date in your specific city? It would be personalized through your fan club membership and sent to Joe in Lansing that 1) the band just announced a date in his town 2) sent him reminders that tickets are still available and 3) sent messages from band members leading up to the gig that would feel personally addressed to him.

Think of a 6 second Vine video as the new ring tone.

How about sports? 6-second shots of key messages from 49ers and Ravens players sent out to their fan base leading up to the Super Bowl. New ways to create more buzz.

Take the best messaging pieces of an ad campaign and use Vine. I’m thinking of the AFLAC duck, GEICO and Progressive ads, the AT&T U-verse Genie commercial where the dentist sneezes in the patient’s mouth. I could go on and on…

There are more ideas piling up in the comments section over on Chris Brogan’s blog.

Here’s my first attempt at Vine.

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And with the Twitter wrapper for WordPress.


Yes, there is a potential for Vine videos to go viral both on the personal and commercial sides. The question is what will be the first ones? And when?

What ideas do you have?

– Randy Giusto