admob-iphoneThere has been a great discussion going on over at the Mobile Mandala blog run by Mark Jaffe on “Ten Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Has Not Reached Its Potential” that you should all check out!

My specific remarks were around the lack of decent mobile analytics-

“I agree with the other posters that for mobile, targeted ads need to be provided if you are going to provide an ad at all while texting. Personally, I think serving up an ad while a person is trying to be productive (texting) is not going to be received well. But everyone is still missing the #1 point. The biggest issue in mobile advertising today is the lack of decent analytics on the effectiveness of the ad campaign. This is the biggest problem that media companies have when wanting to run mobile campaigns.”

“On the web, a wealth of analytics is available because of standards and are provided by big companies such as Nielsen, Omniture, and comScore. On mobile, java is not deployed on all handsets, there are 5 competing operating systems on smart phones, and multiple browsers being used. Then you have carriers who still have walled gardens and control the keys to the gate.”

“There are a number of mobile analytics startups out there trying to make it happen, each with a different approach. But mobile remains fragmented if you are running an ad campaign and want to know what the hell the response was. I’ve written about this a bit on my blog at and I’ve been talking to many analytics firms (web and mobile) about these issues, for the past year. One mobile analytics firm to check out is Bango.”

Randy Giusto

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October 20, 2009 at 11:10 am

-Randy Giusto