Emo LabsWatching the multiple products and their teams struggle to get an error free demo under their belt at DEMO each year is fun, and so far this year as in many others, there were some technical challenges. You always wish everyone the best in these “pressure cooker in the spotlight” situations. By the afternoon break though, you’ve seen a wide variety of product launches, heard a lot of pitches, from which to pick some favorites.

I’d have to say that my favorites at DEMO09 so far are:

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 3.31.53 PM Digsby (@digsby) by dotSyntax out of Rochester, New York allows you to aggregate your instant messaging, email, and multiple social networking feeds all into one desktop experience.  Digsby passed the 1 million-user mark back in July. At DEMO09 today they launched a Twitter feed that promises a simple interface compared to other Twitter clients (like Seesmic, TweetDeck, and PeopleBrowsr), and doesn’t clutter your desktop with multiple columns of information that speeds past you as it’s updated. Digsby also arranges your Twitter stream from oldest first so aperson can “see the conversation as it happens.” Digsby’s concept reminds me of the old Trillian app I used way back when to integrate all my friends on multiple IM accounts into one desktop app. With Twitter integration, the app really shines, except that I was expecting a Mac version too. One is in the works and you can get on the list for the Mac version here.

Emo Labs (@emolabs), out of nearby Waltham, Massachusetts has designed zero footprint speakers based on what they are calling Edge Motion audio technology, that enables the speakers to look essentially like a pane of glass. They can be implemented in a myriad of products including TVs, laptops, monitors, videoconferencing equipment, digital photo frames, and other types of consumer electronics products. No pricing was given and I’m wondering what the cost of an Emo Labs implementation would add to the bill of materials of say a 47″ LCD TV these days. I guess we may find out by the time CES rolls around in January.

-Randy Giusto