Steve Jobs Legacy Vision Leadership Churchill Club Bill Atkinson Jean-Louis Gassee Andy Hertzfeld Deborah Stapleton Larry Tesler Paul FreibergerOn Wednesday, November 9, 2011 I had the privilege to attend The Churchill Club’s event “Steve Jobs: A Legacy of Vision and Leadership,” an open forum event held at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California that featured friends and colleagues who worked with Steve over the years. The panel discussion was moderated by Paul Frieberger who worked for Infoworld and the San Jose Mercury News during his early days interactions with Steve Jobs, and later at NPR. Paul’s first book, co-authored with Michael Swaine was the “Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer” (McGraw-Hill 1984 and 2000), which made into the movie, “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” (1999).

Joining Freiberger on the panel were:

  • Bill Atkinson– member of the original Macintosh team at Apple, creator of QuickDraw, MacPaint, and HyperCard
  • Jean-Louis Gassee– ex-Head of Macintosh Product Development, and now Venture Investor at Allegic Capital
  • Andy Hertzfeld– developer on the original Macintosh Team, founder of Radius (1986), General Magic (1990), and Eazel (1999) and now Software Engineer at Google and one of the main creators of Google+
  • Regis McKenna– founder of Regis McKenna, Inc.
  • Deborah Stapleton– VP of Communications including investor relations and public relations at Pixar shortly before it was purchased by Disney
  • Larry Tesler– Former VP of Advanced Technology and Chief Scientist at Apple (1980-1997)

Some video highlights from the Q&A session.

Steve Jobs the Romanticist and “Do You Think I Could Become President of the US One Day?”

The first is a question addressed by Regis McKenna where Regis goes into detail about Steve Jobs the romanticist, his longing for belonging, and one peculiar question that Steve asked Regis one day.


Larry Tesler and the 2am Calls, But Not Regis!

One of the subjects covered that night was Steve’s multiple personalities — the romanticist, the obsessive perfectionist, and the “not nice person.” In this clip, Larry Tesler goes into Steve’s penchant for late night calls, with a follow up by Regis McKenna on how he thankfully never saw that side of Steve.


Jean-Louis Gassee on How He Exited Apple

This was a response by Jean-Louis Gassee on how he was fired at Apple and what Apple had become after Steve had left the company.


 Why Was Bill Gates Asked to Save Apple?

In this scene, panelists describe the details around why Bill Gates was asked by Steve to save Apple, when Steve returned. It was well documented in the biography, and shown in the news media (including the recent PBS special) the response that Bill Gates got on stage at MacWorld when Steve Returned to the Apple and announced Bill’s investment.


The State of Silicon Valley Innovation Without Steve Jobs

In this final scene the panelists discuss the state of Silicon Valley innovation without Steve Jobs, and where things are headed.


Twitter Codes From the Event

@churchillclub #ChurchillClub

Bill Atkinson: @billatk

Jean-Louis Gassee: @gassee

Andy Hertzfeld: @andyhertzfeld

Regis McKenna: #RegisMcKennah

Deborah Stapleton: #DeborahStapleton

Larry Tesler: @nomodes

Paul Freiberger: @PaulFreiberger


Other Footage From The Evening

Here are links from others that evening

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Steve Jobs A Legacy of Vision and Leadership The Churchill Club Tech Museum


– Randy Giusto