Acer Iconia 6120 touchbook dual display innovation

Source: Acer

Today Acer released the Iconia 6120, a very innovative dual-display notebook PC that looks much like two tablets connected by a hinge. You may remember the Iconia 6120 if you attended CES back in January. It debuted Last Gadget Standing where it won the award for best gadget.

The Iconia 6120 is the world’s first notebook PC to offer two touch-enabled 14-inch HD widescreen LED backlit LCDs. Acer has designed the Acer Ring Control Interface to access applications, customize the customer experience, manipulate content and data, and watch a video on one display while browsing your content library on the other, or run video in multiple windows on both displays. The Iconia 6120 will also function as one large display to view and scroll through individual web pages.

Acer Iconia SocialJogger dual display innovation touchbook

Source: Acer

Acer included a host of touch-based apps as well as part if the UI that overlays on top of Windows 7. Particularly nice is the integration of multiple social networking apps into one interface, which can be viewed on the bottom screen while running videos or productivity apps on the top screen. This just may negate the need for an external monitor in the future, if dual display notebook designs catch on with consumers.

In addition, they included, Acer’s own DLNA 1.5 compliant digital media sharing solution that shares digital content across multiple devices on your network such as other PCs, smartphones, and external hard disk drives.

The Acer Iconia 6120 is truly unique in both design and user interface and does a good job of masking the complexity of Windows 7 as well. It’s the world’s first dual screen notebook and pushes touch technology to the limit on a notebook.

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– Randy Giusto